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July 26, 2017

Enjoy two short excerpts from PARADOX FORGED IN BLOOD

The murder of Louis Sheridan forever fractured time for Ellen into events characterized as “before” or “after” the homicide. Even to this day, the painful memories engulfed a surreal quality with gory details which f...

April 12, 2017

[On June 7, 1986], Ellen O’Malley Szabo thought to herself, for perhaps the hundredth time today, why couldn’t the past stay where it belonged? Ellen knew her well-kept secret of more than 40 years would soon come to light and, with it, her complicit actions leading to...

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"If this book is an indication of things to come, we will be hearing a lot about Mary Frances Fisher – she’s that good."

—Linda, Host of The Authors Show

Paradox Forged in Blood by Mary Frances Fisher
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