(coming in 2022)

Growing Up O'Malley by Mary Frances Fish

Growing Up O’Malley is the journey of two families living in County Mayo, Ireland. Potato famines, under British rule, tested the mettle of even the most stalwart Irishman: the Great Potato Famine from 1845-1852, claimed over one million lives. A smaller potato famine in 1879, hardest hit in County Mayo, induced nightmares of recurring devastation.


We begin our time travel in the mid-1880s. Elizabeth Ginley is a 29-year-old widow with daunting responsibilities in caring for her four children while managing two farms. Despite the anguishing deathwatch as her precious nine-month-old baby withers away from starvation, she completes her chores while providing loving care for her family.


The O’Malley clan lineage dates back to the 16th century when Grace O’Malley, the infamous Pirate Queen, proves herself to be a formidable woman as she passes down her grit and strength to subsequent generations. With the rich backgrounds and determination of both clans, the marriage of Michael O’Malley to Mary Ginley in 1913 produces an enduring union based on mutual love, respect, and a deep abiding faith. Life is never dull with the antics of their seven children as they navigate challenging times relying on optimism and Irish wit.

Boundless enthusiasm and resiliency become the mainstays of the O’Malley dynasty as they triumph over life’s hardships - including the Great Depression, family kidnapping, life-threatening illness, and World War II. ‘Tis a grand journey as you experience life Growing Up O’Malley.