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Mary Frances Fisher, a lifelong resident of Cleveland, OH, has spent the majority of her career as a legal nurse consultant and is currently signed with Pro Model & Talent Management. With Germaine Moody and writer contributions from over 100 countries, she co-authored her first published work in 2013, 50 Seeds of Greatness (


Her additional writing experiences include several short stories published by Transcendent Publishing: "Earning My Wings" in Touched by an Angel: A Collection of Divinely Inspired Stories and Poems, October 2013; "Mercy's Legacy" in Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2013, December 2013; "Be Careful What You Wish For" in The Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2014, January 2015; and "The Gift" in Finding Our Wings: A Collection of Angelic Stories and Poems, March 2016; and the second place winner for "Leap of Faith" in The Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2016. She has also written a screenplay based on "Mercy's Legacy".  

Book and writing awards from Firebird Book Awards:



FIREBIRD 2023 HR.png

Paradox Forged in Blood -

2023 First place in the Fictional Murder Mystery category

Earning My Wings -


Honorable Recognition

Growing Up O'Malley -

2024 First place in the Biographical Family Saga Fiction category

Author Photo Credits (about and home pages):

Hanna Dexter Photography

Makeup by Elizabeth Cook 


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Recovering from a broken arm, I spent a great deal of time reading. Normally the park was filled to capacity but, on this particular day, I was alone. I didn't realize a reporter was behind me until he tapped me on the shoulder. He apologized for alarming me and asked if he could publish my photo in the local newspaper. I gave my permission and, voila, I was famous!

Beside the obvious beauty of being at a waterfront park, I've always been drawn to water - just like my ancestor, Grace O’Malley, the infamous Irish Pirate Queen. It's comforting to know certain traits endure throughout the centuries.


princess mary frances_edited.jpg


My first job as a newly minted Registered Nurse at the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic was working on the VIP ward. We catered to famous actors, politicians, and other celebrities. Out of the multitude of patients that I treated, there is one that makes me smile to this day.


I was caring for a member of the Saudi royal family, and his oldest son had a crush on me. On the day his father was to be discharged, I walked into his room to provide home-going instructions. To my surprise, the son asked for my hand in marriage! My initial thoughts were of fame and fortune as the wife of a prince. That is . . . until he completed the terms of his proposition. “You would be my first wife, and the most important, for you will rule over all other wives to follow.”


I thought for a moment before I gave my counter-proposal. “I will be your first wife [smiles all around until I finished my response . . .] if you will be my first husband.” To say they were displeased would be an understatement. I guess the life of a princess wasn’t meant for me.

Keeping it Real

After my newly-minted RN status at the Cleveland Clinic on the VIP ward was beginning to lose its luster, I transitioned into routine everyday nursing care. When dealing with a variety of patients, I had to learn the art of “keeping it real”.


What’s that you ask? Here’s an example . . .  I’d just arrived for my 3 to 11 PM shift, ready to receive updated patient reports from the earlier shift. Leaving the nurses station, I felt completely professional and overly confident. Reviewing my shift report notes, I checked on my first patient who underwent surgery two days earlier.


Calmly, I asked: “Have you experienced any flatulence today?” Clearly, in response to my mastery of medical terminology, his reply was teeming with frustration. “Why do all you nurses use such big words? No one can understand what you’re talking about.” Without losing a beat, since I clearly overwhelmed him with my nursing superiority, I replied in a self-deprecating manner: “ I apologize for the confusion. So, did you fart today?” His wife and another nurse were laughing so hard they had to leave the room. The patient nodded, unable to speak, as his face turned a bright shade of scarlet.


I had my answer through my newly-acquired art of keeping it real. Follow me for more nursing tips 😉

Stuck at Work

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Let's test that theory with an amusing story about nursing skills called “stuck at work”. After receiving a shift report, my supervisor advised I’d be transferred to another floor because they were short-staffed. Although it sounds like an easy request, being unfamiliar with patients, routines, and supplies can result in unfortunate accidents. Although you may believe that, at this point in the story, a normal slip-and-fall ensued. Guess again! 


I had just removed an IV bag from a patient and placed it on the medication counter. Reaching overhead for more supplies, I felt a piercing sensation. I didn’t realize the countertop was sticky and when I looked down was mortified to discover the needle from the IV bag was jabbed into the left side of my stomach. Hoping to avoid humiliation (insert laugh here), I quickly removed the offending needle with the goal of keeping my secret safe. Unfortunately, when the needle was removed, my left abdomen immediately swelled up. It was impossible to hide my left-six-month-pregnancy-sized abdomen. When this grotesque abnormality became painful, I called down to my friends in the VIP ward for help. Although they tried not to laugh, it was impossible because I joined right in. 


They put me in a wheelchair and took me  to the ER. The entire ER staff popped over to gawk at the nurse who stuck a needle in her stomach. So much for hiding my humiliation. Receiving care was difficult because laughter was ringing throughout the department. Are we sensing a theme in my nursing career? But I learned a very important lesson. Be careful when playing with sharp objects. Follow me for more nursing tips. 😉 



Beginning in the 1960s, until the present time, the Cleveland Flats (initially the site of industrial companies along the shores of the Cuyahoga River) became the epicenter of Cleveland nightlife.


One night club in particular, D’Poo’s On The River, offered patrons indoor amenities and outdoor decks on the water. It was owned by my family (although I was a minority shareholder) with Dick and Betsy Korn. Guests were guaranteed an exciting evening on the town with excellent food, delicious drinks, dancing, and a parade of boats. It became so successful, customers stood in lines around the block. Life ‘twas grand! 🍀 



As a new mother working a full-time job, I needed an outlet. I chose Tae Kwon Do, a form of self-defense dating back more than 2,000 years. Hard work paid off when I was awarded a "Best Student" trophy! Eventually I enrolled my son in classes and together we pursued new skills while enjoying one another's company. My son remains my best friend to this day. 



My editing space as I worked on my second book, Growing Up O’Malley. Why, even my cat wanted to help!

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