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Unless otherwise specified, pictures contained in this section are from “Special Collections, Cleveland State University Library” and reprinted with express permission (and special thanks to Lynn Bycko.) For additional references please see the Cleveland Memory Project at



Other sources/references include:


—Cleveland Police Historical Society (special thanks to Robert J. Cermak); Facebook Cleveland Police Museum &;


—Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine (with special thanks to John Middleton and Sherri);;


—Aston Martin Company (;


—Neil DuChez, Esq.;


—The Old English Oak Room for use of their copyrighted image (with special thanks to Charles Klass);


—Lynn Bycko for her photographic expertise in reproducing copies of two pictures for the Cleveland Irish page (St. Patrick's diploma and 1928 golden jubilee photo.)


—WW II photographs include public domain images of the Roosevelts throughout their respective lifetimes, as well as subject areas like the Great Depression, New Deal, and World War II. All items in the FDR library are public domain and can be found at and


—The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website at


—Special thanks to my wonderful editor, mentor, and friend, Lorraine Fico-White of Magnifico Manuscripts—always there with a helping hand and expert advice.


—And last, but not least, greatest appreciation and affection to MK McClintock and Cambron Publishing Group, LLC for believing in a first-time author for Paradox Forged in Blood. Their guidance, suggestions, assistance, and professional courtesy are like a dream come true!

Multiple public domain Getty images





Despite meticulous research, resurrecting a past that encompasses more than a century can be fraught with inaccuracies. Therefore, any errors are mine and mine alone. Also, there is no unauthorized use of this website without express permission of the author.


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