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Book Reviews

 You will miss them when you finish!

Growing up O'Malley is a wonderful family saga. As you read you can't help falling in love with the large family. The trials and tribulations become as real as if you were living them with the O'Malleys. Ms. Fisher's descriptions take you back to generations of a family that start in Ireland and make their way to the United States. You become part of each gathering and feel the love and wisdom Mary and Micheal teach their large family. Ms. Fisher is very lucky to have had this family heritage and she allows her readers to feel and see just a small part. I was sorry to finish this story and know I will miss the O'Malley family.


Suzi G.

This novel, Growing up O’Malley, captivated my attention on the first page. The author did an amazing job of drawing me into these character's lives. Her descriptive style of writing in itself was amazing. There were so many highs and lows, struggles and tragedies, good times, joyful times but that is life as we all know it. I did not want the book to end. And as I realized, her last novel, Paradox Forged in Blood, Is actually a continuation of the O’Malley story. So, now I’m going to go back and reread that novel.

Thrifty LoCo

Such an amazing historical novel! The author tells of the O'Malley family's struggle from the Irish Potato Famine to their immigration to the United States, through the Great Depression and various other events. She tells the story of this family through a couple of generations, and (while based on true events and people) it reads very much like a historical fiction novel. I liked how the story followed one main family, but also shared a bit about what was happening with other more distant family members.

I liked all the information about historical times and events. I loved getting to know the O'Malley family; everyone had their own unique personalities and quirks. I enjoyed watching the children grow up, and felt like I really got to "know" all the characters. I was amazed at how quickly this book flew by!

Amazing historical novel!
gayle boyce
Wonderful story

As an amateur genealogist, I loved this book. Everyone who is interested in their family tree, not only wants to know the name of their ancestors but also what the people were like, what challenges they faced and what their accomplishments were. The author has done just that. Not only has she brought the names of family to life, her family now has wonderful stories about them. The story shows although the men were the main breadwinners, the women held the family together through famine, wars, the depression and life in general. Even the children played important parts in the success of the O'Malleys persevering.
Anyone interested in family sagas, biographies and/or stories on immigration will love this story.

I received a free copy and voluntarily provided this review.

Sheila C. Siarkiewicz
 A wonderful read about family!

Set in the early 1900's this is the story of an Irish immigrant family and their life in the US. I fell in love with the characters. Each one described in detail. Through the good times (marriages, babies, prosperity) to the bad times (death, war, the Great Depression) the love, faith, strength, and determination of the family members got them through. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it!

Thomas S.
A great multi-generational family saga which was an enjoyable and fascinating read.

Growing Up O’Malley is a thoroughly enjoyable read. The storylines of the O’Malley children growing up are heartwarming and touching in a way rarely found in books today. Each character is developed so beautifully, it feels like you are part of the story. With an abundance of love, courage, and faith, the family bands together as they met society’s challenges during the Great Depression and World War II. An added bonus is that important events in history are bolstered with fascinating back stories. This, in combination with life lessons sprinkled throughout the book, contributed to its overall charm. I highly recommend this book to family and friends.

The setting for growing up, O’Malley, begins in 1885, as Elizabeth Ginley sits alone in her favorite rocker in a tiny village in County mayo on the western seaboard of Ireland.

If you enjoy historical fiction, you will become part of the fabric of this rich, Irish novel.

Ms. Fisher takes you on a journey from Ireland to America through the end of the 19 century to well into the 20th century, and it is a breathtaking story of the O’Malley family.

What is most captivating is the way in which Ms. Fisher explains the interactions between the O’Malley siblings, the era in which they grew up, which is the depression era through the second World War™.

Very few authors capture the Irish way of life the way “Growing Up O’Malley” does. Seasons of laughter, happy chaos with little children, a kidnapping, and a very smart young man who is able to outsmart his kidnappers and also take two other little boys who were kidnapped with him to safety, all make for a book you honestly cannot put down.

You will laugh and cry, and not want the book to end, but as you close the chapter of this book, you will be a better person for the wealth contained inside.

5.0 out of 5 stars An Immigrant Family Love Story

Immigrants to any country face trials, and the many O'Malley family members were no different than other immigrants who came to the United States. Through the many fascinating and often humorous events of the O'Malley family it is clear the O'Malley's overcame their trials and difficult times through very hard work, faith and humor. The family does so throughout a large swath of United States history -- history which the author discusses well to show the impact of historical events and times on the O'Malley's. I must say I admired and liked the O'Malley clan. Event though they clearly became respected American citizens, I'm sure in their hearts they had deep love for their motherland. "Erin Go Bragh".

Totally enjoyed this book. I felt like I was part of the family. The development of the characters was very good.
As I was reading it felt like I lived in the neighborhood.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Chelsie S.
 The O'Malley's were a fun family to read about while living through many historical events!

The O'Malley's were an interesting family to read about that endured a lot through generations, while living through a lot of historical events. This novel was filled with lots of stories about love, laughter and lessons in life. I really enjoyed that this was written like a historical novel but yet you got side bar tidbits about other family members as well. Starting with life during the potato famine in Ireland and enduring the fear of a son fighting in WWII, this novel really moved through a lot of historical events and each one touched the O'Malleys in a way. You felt as if you were living life right along with the kids growing up, and I really loved how often we were reminded that it is the simple things in life that can make you happy and enjoy life. Family is everything and often Mary was a genius when teaching a lesson to one of the children. This family really did a lot to always help others and to never forget where they came from. Thank you to the author for the complementary novel and to The Review Crew for the invite. This review is of my own opinion and accord.

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