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Paradox Forged in Blood by Mary Frances Fisher




Cambron Press | August 24, 2016 to March 31, 2022

Self-Publish | April 4, 2022


Recently widowed Ellen O’Malley Szabo is sitting in her upstairs bedroom on June 7, 1986, waiting for the family’s preparation of her “surprise” seventieth birthday party. She glances at the Cleveland, OH newspaper headlines and is saddened to discover the forty-year-old unsolved murder of Louis Sheridan from Millionaire’s Row is being reopened with receipt of new evidence. As the Sheridan's former nanny, memories of that fateful night leave her feeling fatigued and stressed. Fearful her secret and complicit actions on the night of Louis Sheridan's murder will be revealed, Ellen falls into a deep slumber and is transported back to  events leading up to the 1939 murder.


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From Mary Frances Fisher comes Growing Up O’Malley, her companion novel to Paradox Forged in Blood. Both are compelling works of historical fiction based on true events and stories passed down from the author’s family.

Growing Up O’Malley is a poignant story of an Irish immigrant couple raising seven boisterous children in the early 1900s. Their antics provide the backdrop for a story filled with humor and determination to navigate life’s challenges—the Great Depression, kidnapping, deadly illness, and World War II. Their journey focuses on optimism, Irish wit, and faith to provide inner strength hidden until tested by fate.

“Days became whimsical over the ensuing years as the symphony of life played out its tender notes. Life, laden with memories over the vestiges of time, repeated itself as the O’Malleys experienced the beauty of living through their children and grandchildren.”

- Growing Up O’Malley



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