From Mary Frances Fisher comes her debut novel, PARADOX FORGED IN BLOOD, a compelling work of historical fiction based on true events and stories passed down from the author's family.

A murder on Millionaire’s Row.

A killer's chilling words, "Shh. I know where you live.”
A woman tormented by her guilt-ridden past.


A historical murder mystery, PARADOX FORGED IN BLOOD is set in Cleveland, Ohio, during the late 1930s. Four decades after the murder of socialite Louis Sheridan, the cold case is resurrected with the receipt of new evidence that transports detectives back to Nazi Germany. The only living witness, Ellen O’Malley, must confront a haunting secret and her complicit actions.

Paradox Forged in Blood by Mary Frances Fisher

Publication Date: August 24, 2016

Formats: Paperback, E-Book, Large Print

Print Length: 377 pages

Praise for Paradox Forged in Blood


"This book is so much more than historical fiction; it’s about the characters that are described so well you begin to believe they are real and that you are a part of the family. To say this is a mystery about a murder on Millionaire’s Row is to oversimplify the complexity of the story. One tends to have to think back a few pages when another character is introduced, and there are a lot of characters. There are stories behind the main story, but without complicating it too much, I was amazed at how it all came together at the end. I fell in love with everything about this book and eagerly await Growing up O’Malley, Fisher’s companion book to Paradox Forged in Blood. If this book is an indication of things to come, we will be hearing a lot about Mary Frances Fisher – she’s that good." —Linda, Host of The Authors Show

"Mary Frances Fisher took all these scenarios and put them together to create a murder mystery with a twist, a love story, and historical fiction. PARADOX FORGED IN BLOOD will make you mad, it will make you cry, and it will make you cheer for the good guys. The story of the lives of these people will warm your heart and leave you shocked. The twist was well played and you will not see it coming. I was completely caught up in this story and could not put it down. There is something for every reader in this book."

Reader's Favorite, 5 stars  (Read the full review.)

"Paradox Forged in Blood has intrigue, but it's much more than a murder mystery or a war novel. It's a family saga about self-discovery and coming to terms with the past while looking toward the future." —Books & Benches

"Paradox Forged in Blood is a wonderful captivating book. It captures you from the very beginning and holds you all the way through. The characters become like family and you live their lives with them. This is a must read book." —Amazon Reviewer

"A wonderful read! From start to finish, you won't be able to put it down. The story has all the ingredients of a gripping yet accurate look at life in Cleveland, as well as WWII and Europe. Forging into nationalities is another rich part of this novel. If you love a good read, don't miss Paradox Forged in Blood." —Amazon Reviewer

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it kept me guessing until the very end! Clues are there in character development but the mystery sustains itself. For anyone interested in a mystery, a history, a romance, or a psychological study, this tale weaves them all together. Bravo!! I look forward to more good reads by this author."

—Amazon Reviewer

"A compelling debut, and a stirring journey of love, loss, and war."

—MK McClintock, Award-Winning Author of Alaina Claiborne