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The journey of Growing Up O’Malley begins in Ireland during the mid-1880s. Elizabeth Ginley is a twenty-nine-year-old widow with daunting responsibilities in nurturing four children while managing two farms. The O’Malley clan lineage dates back to the sixteenth century when Grace O’Malley, the infamous Pirate Queen, proves herself to be a formidable woman as she passes down her grit and strength to subsequent generations. With the rich backgrounds and determination of both clans, the marriage of Michael O’Malley to Mary Ginley in 1913 forges an enduring union producing seven boisterous children. Mutual love, respect, and a deep abiding faith become the mainstays of the O’Malley dynasty as they triumph over life’s hardships—including the Great Depression, family kidnapping, life-threatening illness, and World War II. ‘Tis a grand journey as you experience life Growing Up O’Malley.

Publication Date: October 2, 2023

Formats: Paperback, E-Book

Print Length: 527 pages

Growing Up O’Malley won first place in the 2024 Speak Up Talk Radio's Firebird Book Award in the Biographical Family Saga Fiction category. 

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