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Journey on the S.S Statendam

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At the age of 12, Frank Szabo's family was forced to relocate from Hungary to America after being swindled out of their fortune in a fraudulent real estate deal. Below are daily menus from Frank's third class passage from Hungary to America: July 19, 1929 to July 26, 1929 aboard the S. S. Statendam (premier ship of the Holland – America Line)

HA Menu 7-19.png
HA Menu 7-20.png
HA Menu 7-21.png
HA Menu 7-22.png
HA Menu 7-23.png
HA Menu 7-24.png
HA Menu 7-25.png
HA Menu 7-26.png

A sample of the Hungarian currency that Frank's family would have used. The Hungarian Korona was implemented at the end of World War 1 but, due to high inflation, it was phased out and replaced in 1927 by the pengõ. This bill would be worth $0.27 USD today.

Hungarian Currency.png
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