My writings reflect my passion for days gone by—a time when simplicity reigned supreme and the richness of being at the nexus of staggering technology loomed on the horizon.  Your passage is free as you travel back in time to experience events/places in the books. Enjoy your journey!

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Meet Mary Frances

Mary Frances Fisher is a life-long resident of Cleveland, OH and a writer of novels and short stories.

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2nd Place Winner

Wow! 2nd place winner for "Leap of Faith" in The Best of  Spiritual Writers Network 2016!

Interview from The Author's Show

Listen to my radio interview with a great host from The Author's Show!

PFIB is Now Available!

I'm excited to announce that Paradox Forged in Blood is now available! Visit the PFIB book page to learn more and read an excerpt.

"The Gift"

I'm excited to announce that my latest work, "The Gift", is included in Finding Our Wings: A Collection of Angelic Stories and Poems, published by Transcendent Publications in March 2016. It's now available on Amazon.


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