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My writings reflect my passion for days gone by—a time when simplicity reigned supreme and the richness of being at the nexus of staggering technology loomed on the horizon.  Your passage is free as you travel back in time to experience events/places in the books. Enjoy your journey!


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From Mary Frances Fisher comes Growing Up O’Malley, her companion novel to Paradox Forged in Blood. Both are compelling works of historical fiction based on true events and stories passed down from the author’s family.


Growing Up O'Malley won first place in the 2024 Firebird Book Award in the Family Saga Fiction category. 

Growing Up O’Malley is a poignant story of an Irish immigrant couple raising seven boisterous children in the early 1900s. Their antics provide the backdrop for a story filled with humor and determination to navigate life’s challenges—the Great Depression, kidnapping, deadly illness, and World War II. Their journey focuses on optimism, Irish wit, and faith to provide inner strength hidden until tested by fate.

“Days became whimsical over the ensuing years as the symphony of life played out its tender notes. Life, laden with memories over the vestiges of time, repeated itself as the O’Malleys experienced the beauty of living through their children and grandchildren.”

- Growing Up O’Malley

Meet Mary Frances

Mary Frances Fisher is a life-long resident of Cleveland, OH and an award-winning author of novels and short stories.


Paradox Forged in Blood by Mary Frances Fisher_cover

A murder on Millionaire's Row.

A killer's chilling words,

"Shh. I know where you live."

A woman tormented by her guilt-ridden past.


A historical murder mystery, Paradox Forged In Blood is set in Cleveland, Ohio, during the late 1930s. Four decades after the murder of socialite Louis Sheridan, the cold case is resurrected with receipt of new evidence that transports detectives back to Nazi Germany. The only living witness, Ellen O'Malley, must confront a haunting secret and her complicit actions. 

Paradox Forged In Blood won first place in the 2023 Firebird Book Award in the Fictional Murder Mystery category. 


Click on the book cover to explore and purchase Mary Frances Fisher's explosive debut novel!

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Plus read reviews of her books Paradox Forged In Blood and her newest book Growing Up O'Malley.

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