My writings reflect my passion for days gone by—a time when simplicity reigned supreme and the richness of being at the nexus of staggering technology loomed on the horizon.  Your passage is free as you travel back in time to experience events/places in the books. Enjoy your journey!

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After enduring two Irish potato famines in western Ireland, Michael O’Malley and Mary Ginley emigrate separately to America in the early 1900s. Strangers at the outset in Cleveland, Ohio, despite growing up in neighboring Irish villages, their subsequent wedding in 1913 sets the stage for an unparalleled adventure. Life is never dull with the antics of their seven children navigating life’s challenges through optimism and Irish wit. Boundless enthusiasm and resiliency become the mainstays of the O’Malley dynasty as they triumph over life’s hardships - including the Great Depression, family kidnapping, life-threatening illness, and World War II. ‘Tis a grand journey as you experience life Growing Up O’Malley.


“Days became whimsical over the ensuing years as the symphony of life played out its tender notes. Life, laden with memories over the vestiges of time, repeated itself as the O’Malleys experienced the beauty of living through their children and grandchildren.”

- Growing Up O’Malley

Meet Mary Frances

Mary Frances Fisher is a life-long resident of Cleveland, OH and a writer of novels and short stories.


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